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PrestShop is an opensource E-Commerce CMS which allow all E-Commerce features in on place.

The primary motive PrestaShop can be an appealing e-trade enterprise solution is that it’s far an open-source machine. in case you are a web commercial enterprise owner you naturally want to get a commercial enterprise solution that is priced as low as possible in order that your overhead does not overwhelm you. With an opensource solution like PrestaShop, you need not pay some thing to get it that is a boon particularly if each cent saved counts. Laser Web Maker knows PrestaShop so we can also make contributions on your e-trade survival.

In case you are currently the use of some different e-commerce solution however are fascinated to attempt PrestaShop, you can usually migrate easily to PrestaShop (as many other e-trade traders have performed earlier than you). The fine factor about migrating is that your valuable customer and income facts will stay intact till you’ve got completed the transition. Statistics which include customers, catalog content, orders, bills, delivery info, alternatives and commercial enterprise information will all be moved to PrestaShop without any statistics being lost along the manner. Irrespective of what e-trade solution you’re currently the usage of your new PrestaShop save might be capable of accommodate your commercial enterprise statistics.

One advantage with moving to PrestaShop is that you benefit simplified lower back workplace solutions together with a slew of recent features. we all know that your returned office transactions are just as valuable as your front workplace sports so preferably, each may be managed well with your modern-day e-trade answer. Lith how your returned office is being managed proper now, you can continually shift to PrestaShop to get a higher revel in.


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