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In this article I will talk about different solutions, which can be useful in the case when you no longer open the page in the browser. In this case, the Internet is, and it works. Such programs as Skype, various torrent clients and others like them continue to work and go online. And sites do not open in all browsers. When you try to open some page, it first loads for a long time, and then an error appears that the page is not accessible, and the browser could not open it. The text of the error itself may differ depending on the browser.

Why browsers do not open sites? How to fix?

It was possible to immediately put into battle heavy artillery, and talk about difficult solutions (though often the most effective), but as practice shows, it is better to first apply a few simple actions that also often help get rid of this or that problem.

Restarting a computer, router, modem is first and foremost. Did not help? Go ahead.
If you have internet through a router, and on all devices, all browsers do not open the page, it makes sense to call in support of the provider and report the problem. It is possible that they have some kind of hardware failure, and because of problems with the DNS-servers do not open sites.
If there is a problem with one device, or the Internet is connected directly to the computer, then it makes sense to temporarily disable the antivirus.

Very rarely, a problem appears suddenly. Think, maybe browsers stopped downloading sites after changing some settings, disinfecting viruses, installing programs, antiviruses, etc. This is very important. After all, you can always undo any changes, or delete installed programs.
If possible, connect to the Internet another device, another computer, and try to go to a website. If everything opens, then you can eliminate the problem on the provider side, in the router, or modem.
If the tips described above did not help, then no need to be upset, I have some more good solutions. First, I will talk about the most effective solutions, based on my own experience, and comments in comments to other articles.

DNS problem is the most common cause.

It is because of problems with DNS-addresses most often can not get access to sites. But Skype and other programs can still work without problems. In this case, the browser can be written that could not find the DNS server, or something like that. What should be done:

Change DNS in connection properties on the computer. I advise you to register the DNS from Google. If the problem is on all devices, then DNS can be registered in the settings of the router, or separately on mobile devices.
Reset DNS cache. This is an additional way. Just open the command prompt as an administrator, execute the ipconfig / flushdns command, and restart the computer.

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