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Laserwebmaker is the most renowned and reputed web development company in Uruguay. When starting the design of an internet site, one of the early decisions you need to take is whether or not you want a fixed width layout or a liquid layout for your website. The styles have their cons and pros even though the fixed width layout is by far the more popular and preferred layout. This article explains the cons and pros of opting for a liquid layout and why a fixed width layout is a safer and more preferred option. What’s a Liquid Layout? Using Cascading Style Sheets, an internet site can be designed so that its contents resize themselves to occupy the entire width of the screen, depending upon the resolution of the individual visiting your site. This could be an efficient way to minimize the need for scrolling, particularly and themselves to resizing easily. Depending upon the display resolution, the web site contents get rearranged to occupy the entire screen width. While there are unique advantages to utilizing a liquid layout, it also has its limitations.

Here are a number of the cons and pros of utilizing a liquid layout for your website. Nobody likes to scroll through pages on an internet site. Often times, with higher screen resolutions, there’s a lot of space that’s left blank on a webpage, making the user scroll down to read content. This could be minimized with the use of a liquid layout. Since a liquid layout site will rearrange the content to occupy the available screen width, the content can be distributed to occupy the width of higher resolutions, thus reducing the need for scrolling. Most industry standard browsers will render a page with a fluid layout similarly.

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