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The main problems faced by both private promotion specialists and SEO studios are often related to the fact that the development of the site does not take into account the requirements of search engines.

I have been doing internet marketing for over 15 years. My main specialization is the promotion of multi  page sites (portals, classifications, stores), but quite often clients come with small projects.
Conventionally, all sites can be divided into 3 groups:

1. Service sites
2. Online stores
3. Portals

I will not consider landings, corporate portals and other projects that do not require serious preparation for a good start in the search.

First, I would like to highlight the problems that are common to all types of projects:

• “Our design was made by a super food company. We will not change anything. ” In 90% of cases, the designer has no idea about how the process of search promotion. Most of this beauty is completely useless in terms of SEO. In addition, the beauty thing is subjective. The fact that the owner likes it does not mean that visitors of the site will like it.
• “We will not reprogram anything on the site.” Here is the hardest thing. Such a position on the part of the client is dictated by the reluctance to pay money. Again, the developers are specific people. They should not understand all the intricacies of progress. Therefore, as explained to them, they do so. Accordingly, the problem occurs at the stage of writing the technical assignment.

Service Sites

Probably one of the easiest cases. If you do not take accounting and legal services, then the average number of pages on such projects does not exceed 20. Usually the list of requests is limited to 30-50 commercial phrases. Most likely, all services are listed within a single page, meta tags are incorrectly spelled out, there are problems with usability.

Online shopping

Again, the presence of a huge database of goods implies maximum automation on some issues. One of the problems that arose sharply in 2014 is the purchase of goods in USD, or, more precisely, the formation of a price in USD. Imagine that hell when you need to change the value of 1,000 and more commodity items every day. It will be difficult and long even with a hundred goods, not to mention such a scale. I personally know six stores that just closed due to similar problems.

The second, by relevance, problem is the lack of filters in product samples. Consider the case. A user comes to the site to find his child a pram of a certain manufacturer with three wheels and a number of other necessary functional elements, and on the site he sees only a general listing of 100+ products. What do you think will happen next?

The third most important problem is the lack of templates for the formation of meta tags and headers on the site. The relevance of the page is still determined by the content contained. Moreover, the header displayed in the search results, also affects the click ability.

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